August 05, 2012

Benefits of Barley and Alfalfa

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Benefits of Barley and Alfalfa
Today, poor eating habits are customary within the Latino population. Food insecurity, availability of healthy food items, and low socioeconomic status are all contributing factors to poor nutrition within this particular community. Low-income communities are populated with fast food restaurants. These restaurants accommodate to hard-working individuals that may lack time and money to prepare meals. These eateries provide inexpensive and quick solutions that can not only feed oneself but can also provide a sufficient amount of food for an entire family under just ten dollars.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, individuals of Hispanic descent that reside in poorer households were more likely to consume high caloric foods containing excessive amounts of sodium and protein in comparison to intaking micronutrient rich foods that contain high quantities of vitamins and trace minerals. Frequent consumption of fast food not only exceeds the daily-recommended value of sodium and fat intake, but also contributes to potential health risks of cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Vegetables provide the body with an abundance of antioxidants that are believed to facilitate in the prevention of free radicals, scavengers that are the source of cell damage associated with the onset of chronic diseases.

Fortunately, there are micronutrient rich foods that are made in supplemental form. These dietary supplements are perfect for those that lack sufficient plant consumption. Naturagenics® has formulated a Barley Green Complex as well as an Alfalfa Combination that nourishes your body with all the essential nutrients it thirsts for. Barley Green Complex is a complete whole food that is rich in antioxidants that facilitates in improving cardiovascular health, cellular health, and providing immune system support. Our Alfalfa Combination shares similar functions, however it also contains a high alkaline content that aids in the improvement of energy and balance, as well as facilitates in iron absorption for those that are iron deficient. Challenge those free radicals to a duel and try our antioxidant-enriched supplements today!

References: Mazur, Robert, Grace Marquis, et al. "Diet and food insufficiency among Hispanic youths: acculturation and socioeconomic factors in the third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey." American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 78 (2003): 1120-7. Print.
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