May 05, 2023

Chips, Salsa, and Digestive Supplements: Key Ingredients for an Enjoyable 5 de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is days away. We know you’re excited to celebrate with delicious food and drink amongst friends and family. But is your stomach feeling a little nervous? Too many tacos and tequila often lead to tummy issues. And nothing ruins a good party like an upset stomach. We have tips to help you celebrate without sacrificing flavor. Mindful eating and digestive supplements will allow you to party like a piñata without feeling like one.

Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo is an annual holiday commemorating Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th1862. During the 1960s, Latinos in California and the Northwest raised awareness with celebrations that included parades, parties, music, dancing, and traditional Mexican foods. Cinco de Mayo is a way for Mexican Americans to honor their roots and ethnicity. Thanks to commercialization and the delectable flavors of Mexican cuisine, Cinco de Mayo has become a popular holiday for Americans to indulge in delicious Mexican food, have a few drinks, and spend time with friends and family.


Food is an integral part of Cinco de Mayo celebrations, as it reflects the rich culinary traditions of Mexico. Mexican cuisine is known for its bold flavors, vibrant colors, and varied ingredients. Sharing food with family and friends is an essential aspect of Mexican culture, and Cinco de Mayo is no exception. In addition to traditional dishes like tacos, tamales, and enchiladas, many people also enjoy guacamole, salsa, and margaritas, which are all staples of Mexican cuisine. The food brings people together and symbolizes Mexican identity and pride while representing the country’s history, culture, and diverse regional flavors.

Tips for Celebrating Cinco de Mayo Without Regrets

While we strive to improve the health of everyone in our community, we recognize that some days are worth indulging in more than others. And Cinco de Mayo is one day on our cheat sheet. The tempting food and drink make it easy to overindulge and end up with digestive issues like acid reflux. Here are some tips on how to enjoy Cinco de Mayo without overeating and dealing with digestion issues:

1.   Practice Portion Control

It’s easy to go overboard with so many delicious options. Instead of piling your plate high from the get-go, be mindful. Start with small portions of your favorite foods and take your time eating. This will allow you to savor the flavor and listen to your body – two important steps that prevent overeating. You can always get more if you’re truly hungry.

2.   Choose Healthy Options

There are many delicious and healthy options in Mexican cuisine. Grilled meats, guacamole, and salsas are nutritious and contain less fat and calories than nachos and quesadillas. Look for foods high in fiber and protein to stay full and satisfied.

3.   Drink in Moderation

For some, a Cinco de Mayo isn’t complete without a good margarita…or three. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to overeating and contribute to digestive issues like acid reflux. Selecting a light beer or a margarita made with fresh lime and minimal sugar will help to curb these symptoms. Drinking plenty of water will also keep you hydrated and help to flush out toxins.

4.   Take Breaks 

It’s important to give your digestive system breaks throughout the day. Taking a walk or doing light stretching promotes digestion and prevents bloating. Resting your stomach will also help sharpen your hunger signals and deter overeating. Sipping an herbal tea, such as ginger or peppermint, can help soothe your stomach.

5.   Don’t Lie Down After Eating

As tempting as it is to relax or take a nap after a big meal, getting horizontal makes digestion more difficult and can lead to stomach pain and acid reflux. Try to sit up or stand for at least 30 minutes after eating. Staying upright will help food move through your digestive system more efficiently.

6.   Take a Natural Digestive Supplement

Spice up your Cinco de Mayo without burning your digestion with a natural supplement. Digestive supplements help the body to break down food faster and absorb nutrients, which helps to reduce belly pain, gas, bloating, and acid reflux. Adding a digestive enzyme supplement to your plate may help you avoid painful symptoms accompanying spicy foods, alcohol, and overeating.

Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Digestive supplements should be a medicine cabinet staple for occasional relief from tummy issues. If you notice persistent gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, or diarrhea, you should speak to your doctor, as these may be symptoms of a chronic disease. But for sporadic support of common gastrointestinal issues, we recommend:

  • Digestan: A combination of twelve herbs and enzymes help ease abdominal discomfort and promotes the relief of gas and bloating. This complete formula supports the digestive tract from top to bottom.••
  • Enzyme Complex™: Promote digestive system health by speeding up digestion and helping the body to absorb nutrients properly.Five digestive enzymes work together to prevent malnutrition and support the relief of bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort. 
  • Betaine HCL: A blend of betaine hydrochloride, pepsin, and bitter herbs helps restore acid-base equilibrium in the gut and promotes relief from gastrointestinal disorders. Individuals with GERD, IBS, and Crohn’s disease may find comfort from persistent symptoms such as heartburn, cramping, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion.


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