December 04, 2023

Healthy Stocking Stuffers: A Gift Guide for Everyone on your List

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Christmas Stockings Hanging on Mantle

The countdown is on - just three weeks until Christmas! Maybe you’ve already conquered the bulk of holiday shopping and are sitting back, sipping cocoa, waiting for the final packages to arrive. But what about stocking stuffers? These petite presents seem to be an afterthought that turns into a last-minute scramble, resulting in stress for you and an assortment of candy and unnecessary trinkets for them. Unfortunately, the contents of a stocking are often tossed aside and forgotten once the big, shiny gifts are unwrapped. 

But what if we could help you change that? What if this year’s stocking stuffers were thoughtful, purposeful, and destined for everyday use? Enter health supplements!

Why Health Supplements Are Ideal Stocking Stuffers

Health supplements are the perfect stocking stuffers that keep on giving long after the holiday season is over. First, there’s the element of surprise. As your loved ones reach into their oversized sock for candy, they’ll be delighted to find something new and unexpected. Second, you can personalize supplements to their specific needs or goals. Their eyes, how they’ll twinkle as they recognize you’ve put some thought into a curated surprise. Next, health supplements are perfectly-sized stocking treasures - small bottles that can nestle snugly in a stocking, waiting to be discovered. Finally, by gifting supplements, you’re not just giving any old present; you’re showing you genuinely care about their health and well-being.

Gift Guide for Healthy Stocking Stuffers

We've curated the perfect gift guide to elevate your stocking game and fill those festive socks with goodies that will truly be cherished. Check out our handpicked supplement bundles below to awaken wellness in everyone on your list.

  1. The Wellness Newbie: For those beginning their journey toward a healthier lifestyle, these starter supplements offer the building blocks to promote balanced nutrition, optimal function of major body systems, and brain health. Help them kickstart their wellness routine with Multi-Mix Complex™, Vitamin D3, EPA-DHA Omega-3.
  2. The Exercise Enthusiast: For those who thrive with exercise or anyone who has just committed to a new fitness routine, health supplements can help promote their workouts to the next level. Support their fitness journey with Maca Powder, Green Tea Extract, and L-Carnitine, perfect for promoting energy and supporting recovery after those exhilarating training sessions.
  3. The Veggie Voyager: Help your nutrition enthusiast – or those who wish they ate more greens - reach their veggie goals with Barely Green Complex™, Chlorophyll Compex™, and Alfalfa Combination™, packed with nutrients to supplement their daily intake. 
  4. The Stress Buster: For those needing a moment of tranquility, gift supplements that will help melt the stress of long work hours, hectic family life, or little time for themselves. Magnesium Glycinate Chelate, Ashwagandha™, and Relax+™ are tailored to support relaxation, ease stress, and promote peaceful slumbers.
  5. The Beauty Queen: Unveil their natural glow with hair, skin, and nail supplements to promote beauty and strength from the inside out. Select Collagen+™, Hair & Nails™, and Propolis Combination™—a powerful trio of beauty supplements for nourishing skin, hair, and nails. 
  6. The Herbalist: For those preferring natural remedies instead of over-the-counter meds, help stock their cabinets with Elderberry+™, Echinacea, and Zinc to promote a natural immunity boost.
  7. The Sneaky Health Elf: Some in the family need a gentle nudge toward good health. Show the avoidant patient some love by gifting supplements that address their unique health concerns:
  • High Blood Pressure: Pressure X™ supports healthy blood pressure levels and cardiovascular health.
  • Pre-Diabetic: Diabetrim+™ promotes healthy glucose levels and supports insulin function and glucose metabolism.
  • High Cholesterol: Formula CT™ supports healthy lipid and fat levels and promotes cardiovascular health.
  • Osteoporosis: Osteo Complex™ supports bone and joint health, healthy aging, and women’s health.
  • Memory & Cognition: Cognitive Complex™ with Cognizin® supports brain function, memory, mental energy, and verbal memory.
  1. Santa’s Little Helpers: Don’t forget about healthy options for kids on the good list. Nutri-Mix Complex™ is a chewable supplement full of essential vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables to support children’s health and growth. Fibralex™ supports children’s digestive health, promotes regularity, and helps kids get the recommended dosage of fiber each day. Turn healthy choices into daily habits with these kid-approved supplements.

Embrace the spirit of giving this season by sharing the gift of health. By incorporating health supplements into your holiday stockings, you're wrapping up a bundle of care and well-being. Let the magic of the season carry over into wellness year after year. Healthy Holidays to all! 

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