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Hierba del Sapo: Promoting Healthy Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Glucose Levels

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Hierba del Sapo: Promoting Healthy Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and Glucose Levels

Heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases are some of the leading causes of death and according to the CDC kill more than 800,000 adults in the US each year. Some of the main reasons people develop cardiovascular disease are cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Unfortunately, these conditions are fairly common, and less than half of adults diagnosed with these conditions have them under control. 

Cholesterol: A Major Controllable Risk Factor for Heart Problems and Stroke

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is found in every cell of the body. It is needed to make hormones, vitamin D, and substances to help the digestive system. The two types of cholesterol found in the body are LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). Too much LDL cholesterol or too little HDL cholesterol increases the risk of health complications. High cholesterol levels lead to fatty plaques that build up in the arteries. This is linked to several health conditions and is one of the major risk factors for heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. 

How do Cholesterol Levels Rise?

Factors that affect cholesterol levels include:

  • Diet- Eating unhealthy fats such as saturated or trans fat can
    negatively affect cholesterol levels. These types of fats can be found in fatty cuts of meat, full-fat dairy, and certain packaged snacks.
  • Lack of physical activity- A sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of high cholesterol. Exercise helps boost good cholesterol in the body.
  • Weight- Being overweight or obese puts you at greater risk for high cholesterol.
  • Age- Cholesterol is much more common in adults over the age of 40. 
  • Smoking- Smoking lowers levels of good cholesterol in the body. 

High cholesterol levels can go unnoticed for many years as it shows no symptoms. For this reason, it is recommended to get regularly checked especially if you have a family history of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes. 

Tips for Lowering Cholesterol

  • No to trans-fat from your diet- Trans-fat lowers good HDL cholesterol & increases bad LDL cholesterol, increasing the risk for cardiovascular problems. PRO TIP: Even if the label says zero trans-fat look out for “partially hydrogenated oils”. This is a fancy name for trans-fat.
  • Exercise- Exercising helps increase good cholesterol and improve LDL and triglyceride levels in the body. Try thirty minutes of exercise a day and consider finding a workout buddy as this may help motivate you. 
  • Watch your weight: Losing weight can help lower LDL in the body. Start slow and try to stay consistent to keep the pounds off. 
  • Eat more fish- Fish is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Try eating it 2-3 times a week. If fish just isn’t your thing, you can try omega-3 supplements.  
  • Quit smoking- Cholesterol levels may improve once one stops smoking. 

High Glucose Levels and Why they Should be Managed 

High blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) usually indicate diabetes, a chronic health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. With diabetes, the body doesn’t create enough insulin or can’t use it as it should. This causes too much sugar in the bloodstream, leading to various health problems. 

Whether or not you have diabetes, keeping glucose levels at bay is important. Left untreated, it can cause serious health complications such as heart disease, heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, nerve damage, eye damage, and skin problems. High blood sugar levels can cause symptoms such as:

  • Increased thirst
  • Blurred vision
  • Numbness or tingling in the feet
  • Increased urination 
  • Increased hunger 
  • Fatigue
  • Skin infections
  • Slower healing cuts and sores 

What is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is when the force of blood flowing through your blood vessels is consistently too high. This means the heart has to work harder to pump blood. High blood pressure, the same as cholesterol, usually has no warning signs or symptoms, so it is important to measure your blood pressure regularly. Having high blood pressure can hurt important organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes

Does High Glucose Affect Blood Pressure?

Both diabetes and high blood pressure share common risk factors and causes. Diabetes can contribute to high blood pressure. Someone who has diabetes is twice as likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Insulin resistance in diabetes affects the body’s use of nitric acid, which relaxes the inner muscles of blood vessels to encourage blood flow. This causes blood vessels to become less elastic and restrict blood flow, which may cause high blood pressure. Diabetes can also cause damage to the kidneys, which can contribute to hypertension when not functioning properly. 

Hierba del Sapo: Mexico’s Natural Remedy 

Hierba del sapo is a wild plant that grows in Mexico and Central America. Commonly called Mexican thistle or Toad grass, this herb was used by the Aztecs as a therapeutic tonic for several ailments. It was commonly used to strengthen several body systems including:

  • Digestive 
  • Endocrine 
  • Respiratory
  • Reproductive
  • Urinary

Today, hierba del sapo is distributed in Mexico and is mostly used to promote blood sugar control and assist in managing cholesterol. Francisco A. Saavedra Molina, M.D. from the Institute of Biological Chemical Research of the Michoacana University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH), has also scientifically proven that the herb has hypoglycemic effects. His research also found that hierba del sapo can help promote:

  • Increased levels of HDL (good cholesterol) 
  • Decreased levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) 
  • Reduced levels of triglycerides, creatine, and uric acid
  • Reduced levels of creatine
  • Reduced levels of uric acid

Where Can I Buy Hierba del Sapo?

Hierba del sapo is not an easy supplement to find. It is mostly found in herb or tea form. Natura-Genics® has introduced hierba del sapo in capsule form to support healthy blood sugar and lipid levels ideal for those who would rather take a capsule instead of drinking it in tea form. 

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