February 06, 2023

Adrenal Fatigue: Is it a Thing?

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Adrenal Fatigue: Is it a Thing?

Do you have a hard time getting up in the morning after going to bed at a reasonable time? Feeling exhausted for no reason? Lack of memory? Are you craving salty and sweet snacks? This might sound like an infomercial but the reality is that many of us will answer “yes” to these questions. 

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is not a recognized term by the medical community. It is a term applied to nonspecific symptoms that include: 

  • fatigue 
  • body aches 
  • brain fog 
  • lack of motivation
  • sleep disturbances 
  • nervousness
  • digestive problems
  • cravings

Some of these symptoms are the most common symptoms patients seek medical assistance for and more often than not are left feeling frustrated when there is no clear-cut diagnosis. 

The adrenal glands are two glands that sit on top of your kidneys. The outer part of the gland is called the adrenal cortex and the inner part of the gland is called the adrenal medulla. The adrenal cortex generates essential hormones such as cortisol, which helps your body respond to stress and regulate metabolism, and aldosterone, which helps control blood pressure and sex hormones. The adrenal medulla generates non-essential hormones such as adrenaline that helps the body react to stress.

The theory behind adrenal fatigue is that when somebody is dealing with chronic stress (mental, physical, emotional, or even environmental) the adrenal glands cannot keep up with producing these essential hormones such as cortisol. This leads to the adrenal glands being depleted and for this reason, symptoms like fatigue and brain fog begin to appear. 

What if I Have These Symptoms? 

Dealing with these kinds of symptoms on an everyday basis can be debilitating and can definitely lower the quality of one’s life. Unfortunately, these symptoms can be common symptoms of underlying conditions which can add to the confusion so it is important to get checked by a healthcare practitioner so that they can rule out any conditions such as:

  • anemia
  • heart problems
  • autoimmune diseases
  • lung problems
  • diabetes
  • IBS
  • sleep disorders
  • infections
  • mental health conditions

Once your healthcare practitioner rules out any underlying conditions, you may want to consider the health of your adrenal glands. Chronic stress, a diet that lacks sufficient nutrients, poor sleep, and a sedentary lifestyle can all affect the well-being of your adrenal glands. Lifestyle changes and appropriate supplementation can assist in promoting the well-being of the adrenal glands and may be worth a try. 

Replenishing the Adrenal Glands 

Here are some lifestyle tips that can help promote the well-being of the adrenal glands:

  • Exercise: Exercise can naturally decrease the build-up of cortisol and adrenaline, increase endorphins in the body, boost metabolism, and promote a good night’s sleep. Instead of doing high-intensity workouts try starting off slowly. Taking a walk, yoga, pilates, and aerobic-based programs are examples of exercises that might be most beneficial for adrenal health.  
  • Nutrient-dense diet: A well-balanced diet is crucial for overall well-being. Your diet should include healthy protein sources such as lean meats, nuts, and legumes. Leafy greens, vegetables, low-sugar fruits, and healthy fats should also be included. Try to limit foods and drinks that are high in sugar and unhealthy fats. 
  • Stay hydrated: Dehydration can influence stress levels and cause the adrenal glands to produce excess cortisol in the body. Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day.
  • A good night’s rest: Try going to bed at an appropriate time and getting at least 7 hours of sleep. Avoid eating right before bed, remove/turn off electronics from the bedroom, and set an ideal ambiance in your bedroom to help promote better sleep. 
  • Manage stress levels: Stress is inevitable but there are some ways to manage it. Meditation, breathing exercises, making time for hobbies, unwinding, and connecting with others can be some helpful ways to manage stress. 


Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue 

Adrenal supplements can further support the adrenal glands together with lifestyle changes. They may also be beneficial for individuals who have a hard time meeting nutritional requirements and are lacking certain nutrients. 

Adrenal+™ is a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that have been formulated to support adrenal function. Vitamins such as vitamins C and B6, minerals such as magnesium, and adaptogenic herbs including ashwagandha and arctic root make this formula great for anyone who is looking to support their adrenal system. 

If you know you are missing a specific mineral or vitamin you can also check out supplements such as Magnesium Glycinate ChelateB-Complex, and Vitamin C+™, all great for promoting adrenal well-being. 

Try adrenal gland health supplements today!

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