November 21, 2022

Greens: One Simple Step Toward a Healthy Lifestyle

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Greens: One Simple Step Toward a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating plenty of nutrient-rich vegetables is one of the best ways to fuel the body and improve overall health. But for some, it’s not so simple. Rising costs, access, and lack of time prevent modern families from consuming greens daily. Read on to learn the risks of a poor diet and how vegetables and nutritional supplements can restore your health and prevent disease.  


Unhealthy Foods and the Hispanic Community

Today, poor eating habits are customary within the Latino population. Food insecurity, the availability of healthy food items, and low socioeconomic status contribute to poor nutrition within the Hispanic community. Low-income communities are populated with fast-food restaurants. These restaurants appeal to hard-working individuals that may lack time and money to prepare meals. These eateries provide inexpensive and quick solutions that can provide enough food for an entire family.  

While occasionally consuming foods from your favorite fast-food restaurants won’t hurt (we’re looking at you, McDonald’s), a habit of eating out can eventually begin to affect your health negatively. Food from these establishments typically exceeds the daily recommendation for sodium and fat. Regular consumption can lead to weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, individuals of Hispanic descent who reside in poorer households are more likely to consume high-calorie foods containing excessive amounts of sodium and protein and lower amounts of micronutrient-rich foods with vitamins and trace minerals. 


Some negative effects of fast food include:

  • Headaches: too much sodium increases the risk of headaches
  • Dental Problems: carbs and sugar produce acid which can destroy enamel
  • Skin Concerns: excess carbs can trigger acne in some individuals 
  • Cardiovascular Disease: high cholesterol and high blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease
  • Weight Gain: increased consumption of calories may lead to weight gain 
  • Bloating and Puffiness: high amounts of sodium in the body may cause water retainment which can leave you feeling bloated and puffy 
  • Digestive Issues: too much fast food can trigger acid reflux, heartburn, or digestive discomfort


It’s all about balance. You can occasionally enjoy your favorite fast foods as long as you strive to eat nutrient-rich foods each day. Vegetables and greens provide the body with an abundance of health benefits. Greens contain antioxidants and vitamins that protect the body against cell damage and disease, promote overall nutrition, and boost the immune system.


Green Supplements to the Rescue

If you hear “brussels sprouts” or “spinach” and run the other way, fear not. Luckily, there are nutritional supplements that provide similar benefits to eating a variety of nutrient-dense greens. Green supplements give your body the nutrition it deserves without having to hold your nose.

Barley Green Complex from Natura-Genics® contains barley grass, lycopene, and chlorophyll. Barley grass is the leaf of the barley plant and is jam-packed with nutrients. Lycopene and chlorophyll are included to provide additional nutritional value and antioxidant benefits. 


Benefits of Barley Green Complex:

  • Great source of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants 
  • Supports healthy production of red blood cells
  • Nutritional value equivalent to dark leafy green vegetables 
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels 
  • Supports a healthy nervous system 

Alfalfa Combination, also from Natura-Genics®, promotes the nourishment your body craves. It is a combination of organic alfalfa and vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, and brussels sprouts, to name a few. 


Benefits of Alfalfa Combination:

  • Promotes nutritional balance
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber
  • Promotes increased appetite
  • Supports healthy lactation and breastfeeding 


Does your diet need a boost of nutrition? We got you covered! Shop nutrition support supplements


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