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March 21, 2023

Soda: A Delicious Culprit

Posted by Health Hispanica
Soda: A Delicious Culprit
What do supermarkets, fast food restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores, and schools have in common? If you guessed soda, then you are correct. Soda is one of the most consumed sugary drinks in America. There is no denying that soda is delicious but drinking it in excess can have negative effects on health.

What Exactly is Soda Anyways?

Soda is a soft, carbonated, sweetened, and usually flavored drink. It can become addicting with habit-forming ingredients such as sugar and caffeine. Some of the ingredients soda contains include:

  • Carbonated water
  • Sucrose
  • Caramel color
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Natural flavors
  • Caffeine 

To sum up these ingredients in a nutshell, you're basically drinking……sugar. Sugar was first refined or granulated by India as early as 800 B.C.; Later European settlers quickly made sugar popular, which changed the eating habits of many individuals. Now, food scientists have used it to their advantage and not only added the sugars we know such as sucrose (table sugar) and fructose (found naturally in fruits), but they have also added those hard-to-pronounce sugar substances to cereals, snacks, coffee, and especially soda to please our taste buds and keep us wanting more. Sneaky!

 What are Some Consequences of Too Much Soda?

According to Statista in 2019, the top 3 countries that consumed the most soda were Mexico, the United States, and Brazil. With the growing number of Hispanic Americans consuming soda many health complications arise. Some of the health problems that too much soda can cause can include but are not limited to:

Weight gain/obesity- Soda contains a ton of sugar and calories which in excess cause weight gain. Soda also does not make you feel full which makes it easy to overconsume and keep you reaching for one more can. 

Increase in belly fat- Fat in the belly area (visceral fat) is very hard to target when trying to lose weight.

Tooth decay- Sugar itself does not affect oral health. However, sugar does attract bad bacteria that produce harmful acids that damage teeth. 

Type 2 diabetes- Soda is linked to insulin resistance so it is not surprising that soda increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In fact, it is one of the leading contributors. Studies have found that drinking just one can of soda per day significantly increases the risk of diabetes. 

Soda is Addictive- Sugar binging is believed to cause dopamine release in the brain, which gives a feeling of pleasure. The brain is wired to seek these kinds of things making it hard to stop. 

Heart disease- Studies have found a strong link between too much sugar and heart disease. Too much sugar can cause increased glucose in the blood and increased triglycerides. 

What About Diet Soda?

Sorry to break it to you but diet soda is just as unhealthy as regular soda. In fact, it might be considered unhealthier since it is disguised as a “healthier alternative” leading many to drink more of it comfortably. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharin which have been linked to several health conditions. So just like regular soda, it is recommended to drink diet soda in moderation. 

It's All About Balance 

Drinking soda once in a while is perfectly okay. Just try not to drink it with every meal, every day. It is also important to keep up with healthy habits.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Try to maintain a healthy diet
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight
  • Make at least 20 minutes of exercise part of your daily routine
  • Swap out your soda for a seltzer or sparkling water
  • Manage your stress so you don’t reach for that can of soda 

Supplements to Keep Your Health in Check 

If your current diet is lacking in nutrients some great products to try are Alfalfa Combination™Multi-Mix Complex™, and Barley Green Complex™. These supplements are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which all help promote overall well-being. 

If you think you’re blood glucose levels are at risk or have confirmed they are too high then you can try supplements that support the management of sugar in the blood. Such products include Diabetrim™Bitter Melon+™Wereke+™, and Nopal

If you feel the need to lose a few pounds, some supplements to consider for supporting healthy weight loss include Herbal Dietmax™Garcinia Cambogia ExtractPhyto Slim™, and Apple Cider Vinegar+™.

Make a choice today! Choose a healthier lifestyle! 

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