October 05, 2022

Diabetes and Heart Disease

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Diabetes and Heart Disease

According to the American Diabetes Association, cardiovascular disease is one of the many leading causes of death amongst Latinos. Cardiovascular disease also referred to as “heart disease”, is an abnormal heart condition that causes obstructions or irregular constrictions within the blood vessels. This particular abnormality places an individual at an increased risk for a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, atypical heart palpitations, as well as sudden death. Many people are unaware of the primary risk factors associated with diabetes. However, studies have indicated that every two out of three people who suffer from Type II diabetes die from cardiovascular disease.

What is Type II diabetes?

Type II diabetes is the excessive amount of sugar (glucose) present within the blood, as well as the failure to properly respond to the release of insulin. Elevated glucose levels result in the destruction of the walls within the blood vessels. An accumulation of fat adheres to the cell walls within the vessels, resulting in a build-up that causes a narrowing inside the blood flow pathway.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

The connection between diabetes and heart disease is instantly recognizable. They both possess comparable risk factors, e.g., physical inactivity, poor diet, obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. People may be able to lower their risk for heart disease in the course of controlling their diabetes. Here are some ways to manage diabetes:

  • Follow a healthy diet rich in nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats avoiding foods high in bad carbohydrates and sugars
  • Be more physically active 
  • Reduce unwanted weight gain
  • Eliminate smoking 
  • Avoid alcohol consumption 

Supplements that can Help Control Diabetes and Support Cardiovascular Health

Diabetrim+™ is a blend of essential vitamins and herbs, among other natural components that are traditionally used to support healthy blood sugar levels in the body. Ingredients such as chromium, alpha-lipoic acid, and l-glutathione are also included to provide further support.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements are formulated with biologically active R-Alpha Lipoic Acid to support healthy blood glucose, promote reduced insulin resistance, support lowered risk of diabetes complications, and promote relief from diabetic neuropathy. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is considered superior to synthetic ALA because it is the natural form produced by the body, is more effectively absorbed, and offers greater antioxidant and neuroprotective benefits than the synthetic form.

Coenzyme Q-10 is a dietary supplement formulated to promote heart health, cellular energy, and adenosine triphosphate synthesis. It also supports healthy lipids, fats, and the relief of statin side effects. 

Essential Fatty Acid Kit contains the most notable essential oils EPA-DHA Omega-3 and Flaxseed oil. Collectively the oils contain emulsifying properties to help properly break down excess fat. These particular ingredients have the ability to support the conversion of bad fats into good fats, known as HDL (good) cholesterol. 

Take control of your health! Shop blood sugar support supplements and cardiovascular support supplements.

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